How to write English essay?  It may appear as an easy question due to great number of different variants of books and recommendation on writing art. However, you shall know about some useful and easy tips that will help you to cope with the task faster and easier.

Beginning of the deal

Prepare well to make your essay interesting. Usually not less than 50% of the work is spent on preparing all necessary information about your topic.

Research and discover

Nobody is wondered by plain information taken from schoolbook. Put your effort to find interesting facts about your topic, participate in discovering it, think it over and make your own conclusion. This will not only make your essay interesting and informative, but also valuable.

Take a chance to read
It can be quite uneasy to express your thought and to keep in mind all requirements according plan and informative structure of your essay. Don’t miss a chance to read it. It may also be helpful to keep a paper with all requirements, questions right near while reading your work. Take a look at it each time you feel confused or think that you need to remember something.

Note down!

It’s extremely difficult to learn great amount of information too quickly. Your brain may play a trick with you: while you have a feeling you’ve learnt everything you can forget it in some minutes. Take notes, they will help you to keep all necessary information. Write down exact data like geographical points, names, important dates and, for sure, numbers – this information is the hardest to hold in memory for most people.
Go beyond your book’s limits!

Using one book to write about a topic is not bad, but using several resources is better. Try to find some extra literature for reading and knowing new points of view on the topic.
Plan A or Plan B

Good plan is half of a deal. Same for writing an essay – plan will make your essay better structured and more logical. To create a better essay – try several planning methods – it will help you to find better way to express your ideas.

Some tips that will make your preparation more effective

check rewrite some core sentences to express your ideas in various way and pick the most successful ones;

check don’t hesitate to decline some boring, bad or too standard ideas;

check use brainstorming technics;

check let sometimes forget about structure and rules and write down thoughts that you have in your head briefly, that will help you not to miss some valuable ideas and  later you can put the whole writing in structural order;

check think about main points and then try to discover some sub-points, after that think well about reasoning and possible details;

check write some sentences on separate cards, play with their order – discover new way of thinking!

Useful tips for writing an essay

check Think about good reasoning for each point.
check Check if all what you wrote is connected with the topic.

check Make sure your text is readable, put space between some lines and paragraphs.
check Separate information by paragraphs.
check Check each paragraph.

check You shall have good knowledge of English and grammar rules. This is really important.
check Don’t feel shy to use grammar book.
check Ask someone to proofread your writing.

check Write down each source that you use.
check Get exact information about style that is required for your paper.

We hope our tips will be useful and will help to know how to write English essay in the best way.